a new vocab for a new world

2020 always seemed futuristic & fun. I grew up during the Jetsons revival, & they were living their best life with flying cars & Rosie the Robot. but now, we ARE NOT having a good time.   our new vocab includes: social distancing quarantine shelter at home flatten the curve #stayhomeKC & best of all, don't go see the doctor just call them. meanwhile everyone is talking about how we are "called to stay home and watch tv" it's not that hard, supposedly. but it's so much more... meanwhile on: tiger king ep.2 ( a NETFLIX original) "i am never going to financially recover from this" -when his employee, had her arm ripped off by a tiger.  only serves to remind me that the whole world  is hurting. what can I do to help?  

They labeled me a Xennial...

I am... a micro generation an American mutt a woman an artist a mother a believer in 2020 the United States Census plans to further categorize my racial identity is this in order to clarify the genealogy? my ancestors hail from all over Continental Europe. on some sides of the family tree, I can't even count what generation American I am. beginning in the 1600's, they emigrated to these fair shores America, the Beautiful. this grand adventure continued on and on beginning in many different countries, but all ending up here in the "New World" but the last time that we did have a 1st generation was my great grandmother. born in 1892 after her Danish parents came over. when I was born, she was 90. so I know that I am one eighth Danish... the rest of the pie chart gets complicated is it so they can decide who makes the cut? how far back must our ancestors had to have immigrated to be considered legitimate? & which proud heritage do I cla

PRIMORDIAL & WARRIOR earrings available

Each Earring component is hand sawn, hammer textured  & painstakingly tinted. ARTistic medium: fine silver and copper © molliemade 2017 to get these delivered to your doorstep, head on over to my Etsy shop: also available on fine silver chains with custom designed magnetic closures, when you get snagged, your chain breaks away without breaking you . *Publishing this before my Etsy is picture perfect, because I just have to press GO.

this Daily

Gold dust breathe in breathe out Hardworking hand strike strike Honing my craft making her work having the space to create listening to NPR's modulated tones other's stories being told Flame strike shhckt shhckt solder flows a perfect glowing line Into the pickle tszzz the torch pops off SILENCE My craft is typically a solitary one. Just the maker and their bench. Often I don't even turn on music. Work time is my time to soak in silence, problem solve for a new design or "just make something". For almost every instructor I trained under, I remember a good one liner. That one was Jon Havener 's. It is solid advice, don't stop making. It might have taken a while to sink in, but I get it now. Other artists insist that it's okay to make something bad. Sometimes the fear of failure or imperfection holds us back. That's also another typical trait of a metalsmith. We can be perfectionists. Not necessarily in our personal lives, b

"You are still doing that? It has been ten years."

Yes,I am. I am still doing "this" because seeking a sense of Home and Belonging is something humanity relates to. I will continue to explore this concept underlying all other areas of life until, who knows, maybe until The End. Today, my brother met me at the local library's new Makerspace. The maker movement has my full attention now. I am fascinated. The aspects of community and a love of learning have enamored me. Not to mention, the tools (new toys & skills). It was my second time on the machine; I had already been there an hour cranking out the rest of my MOPS nametags. He found me working on wooden, state cut outs that were laser engraved. That is when the question was asked. So,the answer is: yes. This is only the brainstorm stage of several new projects. Pieces that represent your origins, your homelands and your roots. Where are you rooted? This was just a precursor to my personal stack of states to come. We are all from somewhere. I could ta

in service for: MOPS

In another vein, this is a theme reveal project I worked up before summer break for my MOPS group. I am currently brainstorming table decor and name tag designs for the upcoming year. The colors for our theme of Starry Eyed are right in my wheelhouse. Loving it.

Well, who's surprised?

Not me, after thirty three years of life lived, being me. Dedication to consistently journaling has come and go in fits and bursts, always. So, here I am after almost two years of blog silence, back again and finally, not surprised at what just is. I did manage to create something pretty wonderful in the meantime. My daughter. She is a true treasure. In comparison, I got back into the studio much more quickly than I did after my son was born. She was probably two months old. I have been consistently working in increments during late night sessions for the past four months to prep for a group show, a holiday boutique and a solo show. I am finding that making several separate bodies of work at the same time, works for me. I am quickly headed towards my fourth year of Motherhood. This has been a great time of study and service. I have my finger in so many pots right now. I am learning when to say,"no" and when it is so vital that I say, "yes". There has b